Why Take Smart Drugs For A Virus That Can Be Removed From Our Minds

Lots of people are probably more acquainted with this type of drug known by scientists as “intellectual enhancers” from the 2011 movie “Endless”, when Morra is instantaneously transformed into a superhuman by taking a fictitious medicine refereed to as NZT-48. Morra was given access to all his brain’s total intellectuality, and going on to play the piano in 3 days, finishes writing his book in just 4, and then swiftly makes himself a million bucks.

In reality though numerous so called clever drugs have just recently been mentioned in the International press, with prescribed stimulants like Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin making the headlines. with stories about students, who have now started to use these drugs to excel themselves at school and college, but then continue to do the very same throughout their career.

The failure is that despite the fact that Modafinil, Adderall and Ritalin seem like a marvel medicine that will assist students study for hours on end, the medicines are actually amphetamine-based, suggesting they can be habit-forming, according to Martha J. Farah, director at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience at the University of Pennsylvania.

She added… “The huge question is though, are these smart or study drugs all they are made out to be? Is it truly possible that they can make all of us more smart or provide us the capability to store more information? Or is there a more natural means to make us get the same results without taking amphetamines? Some researchers have actually pointed out that it’s not actually the drugs that do the enhancing, as they simply enhance the state of mind to make work appear even more pleasant. Something else to take into account is that the brain is incredibly intricate, so by enhancing one talent with drugs, we might end up hampering others.”

According to International speaker Andy Shaw there is a natural means to tap into the magical power of the subconscious on demand. Mr Shaw, best selling author of “Creating A Bug Free Mind” and self-confessed millionaire had this to say in a recent meeting… “Inside we all have the subconscious mind, which is truly the magical part of us. Nevertheless, it is only wonderful when we completely understand how it works, which is when we can begin to take advantage of it, and use its powers on demand, and then simply “end up being smarter.”

The Bug Free Mind Procedure has now been verified in over 110 nations, and Andy himself explains his system as an anti-virus for the mind to help change disorderly thinking with structured thinking. He says… “As grownups all of us have the freedom to chose between drugs and natural remedies, but clever drugs are addicting so the trouble will always arrive when it comes to stopping.”

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